How to combine a choker

This jewelry has been known to mankind since ancient times. A choker is a tape or product made of another material that sits tightly around the neck. Chokers were worn by many people in completely different positions, and it had an extremely wide range of symbolic meanings: from the ritual-magical item among the Indians to the distinctive sign of coquets in the 19th century. Gradually, like many other jewelry, the choker lost its many meanings, and became just an accessory.

Chokers come in completely different types

Chokers come in completely different types, they are divided into categories depending on the material (leather, fishing line, ribbons, metal, fabric and others), the presence or absence of pendants and additional decor, as well as the style in which the decoration is made (from concise youth chokers from fishing line, to works of art with meters of lace, ribbons and pendants). Depending on the type of choker, choose an image with which it will look harmonious and stylish.

The product should be selected depending on external data. Chokers look best on a thin and long neck and in the absence of a second chin. In this case, you can choose almost any decoration, focusing only on its appearance. If one of the parameters leaves much to be desired, then it is worth paying attention to the chokers of calm tones, thin or even open. The chokers with pendants also visually lengthen the neck. Thus, it is better to spend a long time choosing the right accessory, but find the one that will look advantageous to the owner.

Depending on the material of which the choker is made, you can choose the style in which the whole image will be sustained. A boho style is best suited to a leather product, i.e. embroidery, fringe, jeans and flat sandals. If the choker is made of black leather with metal details, then the image should be selected gothic or punk. In this case, a corset, spikes, a jacket with a slanting collar and a torn skirt are well suited.

The choker can be worn with calmer and more casual clothes. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the combination of colors, style and other points, in the same way as when choosing any other decoration. It is not recommended to wear a choker with blouses without a cutout or turtlenecks, but otherwise there is full scope for making new combinations.

In recent years, the choker has become widely known precisely because of its versatility. For any image, you can choose the right accessory, which opens up great scope for experimentation.

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